Innovative & Unique 

With innovative and unique solutions, LIW offers top-quality products and systems to support the rehabilitation needs of our youngest – and growing – clients.

HMEKIDS offers a full LIW product range, including Orthopedic Seats, Standing Frames, and Multifunctional Devices.

Unique to LIW's seating systems and standing frames is their internationally-recognized 'Your Second Spine' technology that adapts to the child's shape to reproduce anatomical curves of theirspine, to support the back on the entire plane, or to obtain precise correction settings.

Our Products

Travel Sit

Travel SIT is an orthopaedic seat for children, who are up to 125 cm tall. This device stabilises both the back and the head.

Lori Stander

LORI Stander enables to verticalize the patient both in the front and rear facing position, as well as in the lying position.

Baffin Automatic

The multifunctional standing frame Baffin Automatic is designed to set the patient in multiple sitting positions or the standing position. It is available in 3 sizes: S, M, L for children between 85cm and 130cm (2’8” - 4’3”) tall.

Baffin TRIO

Multifunctional Standing Frame Baffin TRIO is designed to set the individual in standing and sitting positions. It is available in two sizes I and II for young people and adults between 135cm and 180cm (4’5” - 5’11”) tall.

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HMEKIDS is a partnership between three of Canada's largest Pediatric Equipment Providers.


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