Spinal support along the whole back line helps to reduce pressure on a single vertebra, while multi-positioning enables the change of an axial tension vector. Baffin TRIO facilitates establishing a correct sitting position pattern. The individual equipped with the device may take part in educational activities, occupational therapy and in play. It facilitates cognitive functions and activates the individual.

Baffin TRIO is a friendly and functional device both for the individual and the carer.

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The Baffin TRIO is tailored to support individuals dealing with a range of conditions, including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, various forms of paralysis, spina bifida, myelomeningocele, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, stroke recovery, and complex postural challenges, such as scoliosis. Its versatile design and comprehensive functionalities ensure it meets the diverse needs of users, providing effective support and promoting therapeutic progress in rehabilitation and everyday settings.

  • Development of Weight Bearing and Functional Promotion in Standing Position: Enhances the ability to bear weight and promotes functional independence while standing.
  • Development of Bone Density: Supports the improvement of bone strength and density through weight-bearing activities.
  • Management of Atypical Tone: Helps manage and normalize muscle tone that is atypical or irregular.
  • Promotion of Postural Alignment: Facilitates the achievement and maintenance of proper posture alignment.
  • Development of Strength and Head Control: Aids in building strength and improving control over head movements, essential for overall physical development.

Thanks to its structure, Baffin TRIO standing frame makes it possible to enable standing position even when faced with fixed contractures of a hip and a knee joint. However, such cases must be analyzed individually.


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